Donations are the fuel that keep The Open Door Ministries engine running. Donations of useable goods, materials, and food are gratefully accepted as are monetary donations. Donation receipts are available for tax purposes.


Open Door Team Concept

Reflecting our core belief that everyone needs identity and a sense of belonging, we offer a “Open Door Team Concept.” Those clients who reap the benefit of the services we provide are encouraged to give back by way of volunteer service to the ministry. Joining a fleet of community volunteers, our clients make up a significant part of the day to day work force at The Open Door.

They oversee some of our programs, prepare meals, serve the food, work in our pantry, wash dishes, sweep and mop floors, clean rest rooms, work in the Second Blessing Thrift Shop, keep our property manicured and even extend their efforts into the community with trash pickup. By working together as a team, we have discovered that everyone feels a sense of ownership and bolstered self-esteem.

Warm Meals

From its inception, The Open Door has been known for providing warm on-site meals to those in need.  In 2016 we served over 33,000 meals.  A conservative estimate is that over a half million meals have been served over our twenty year history.  (Click on Kitchen/Dining Room)

Financial Assistance

We help families who are under financial duress with rental and utility assistance.  Each recipient is interviewed as to their qualifications to receive this aid.  There is a six month waiting period before becoming eligible for further assistance.

Personal Care

Personal hygiene is invaluable to a person’s self-esteem.

  • Laundry – we have washers and dryers for our clients to use to wash their clothes.
  • Salon – working with the benevolence of local hair dressers we are able to provide hair care to our clients at no cost. This is an important service to those looking for a job, children who want to fit in at school, or anyone who wants to feel better about themselves but can’t afford to go to a barber or beautician.
  • Showers – we have shower facilities available for those who find themselves without such amenities. The showers are carefully monitored and kept clean.  Both men and women facilities are available.

Food Boxes

We provide carryout food boxes for immediate relief of individuals and families experiencing a food crisis.  These boxes consist of mostly staple food items and may be received as often as once a month.  A box will feed a family of four approximately five days.  We were privileged to give out 1,120 in 2016.

Ministry Support

We offer pastoral support and encouragement to those who come through our doors.  Often a listening ear is what our clients are craving for.  If desired by the client, it is not unusual for us to pray with them.  Also, we use this time to inform them of other available community resources that may be able to address their particular needs.

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